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Beatles Bash (16 photos)


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Styling and Design:  Charming Touch Parties



Photography:  Jennifer Kaye Photography


Printables:  Tania Fischer Design


Cookies:  NatSweets


Fondant cupcake toppers:  Love & Sugar Kisses


Cupcakes and cake pops:  Bake It!


This past Summer I was contacted to help plan and style a Beatles inspired birthday celebration for a woman fighting stage 4 brain cancer.  No small undertaking.  I knew this special celebration, thrown by her sweet and adoring family,  needed to shine.  Since our birthday girl was turning 64, we thought it was a great opportunity to utilize the song "When I'm 64" from the Beatles Sgt. Peppers album.  In an effort to keep the party bright and cheerful, we played up the colorful colors and 70's vibe synonomous with this classic album, and thre in some pink and teal for a more feminine touch.  Tania at Tania Fisher Design was masterful in helping me accomplish this goal.

Our amazing Beatles backdrop was an ideal way to help solidify our theme.  We incorporated paper rosette bunting draped across the backdrop with out birthday girl's age to throw in a girly touch.  Our dessert table was packed full of fun, groovy goodies.  Maria from Love & Sugar Kisses made some pretty amazing cupcake toppers, whichh were the perfect element atop Bake It's delicious cupcakes.  Our cake pops, made by Wendy at Bake It!, were adorned with yellow satin ribbon to play up the girly element.  And finally, Natasha at NatSweets made some pretty amazing boutique cookies.

It was a fabulous yet bittersweet celebration -- a true reminder of how precious life is.  Janina, our birthday girl, mentioned many times how special she felt and how emotional it was to have all of her family and friends in town to pay tribute to her.  This event tugged at my heart strings and will be one that I will not soon forget.  

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