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Modern Bow and Arrow 5th Birthday Party (50 photos)


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My daughter wanted a Brave inspired party but wanted it to be more about the bow and arrow than about the movie. Luckily she has really good taste in color schemes and she picked a peachy pink, teal and gold glitter. We actually picked the theme for this party on the same day as her 4th birthday party (see Hello Kitty Ice Cream Birthday Party), so I guess you could say this one was a year in the making.

I did most of the decor myself - I have a graphic design business (Big K, little k designs) and sew too. The sewing projects are what took the most time. I made bows for each of the kids, 3 arrows per kid and a quiver bag.  Each of the 3 arrows all had the same fabric covering the end so that when they were shooting these through the target all at the same time, they would be able to easily spot their own arrows.

We chose an outdoor location at our church beside a playground. The location worked out perfect EXCEPT we had some kind of crazy outbreak of black bugs in Tennessee where we live and those suckers were EVERYWHERE! Literally thousands. Nothing like a little unplanned stress to get me in panic mode. We just battled through the bugs and it actually wasn't too bad. I would have preferred that they wouldn't have been there, but oh well!

When the kids arrived we let them decorate their bows and make a feather headdress. Instead of letting them go to the "shooting range" to try out their bow and arrows, we decided to eat cake and ice cream first (darn bugs!). But after we ate, all the kids got to go the shooting range and try out their bow and arrow sets. I had 2 hula hoops covered in fabric that was our target. Worked out perfect.

The party was a huge success and everyone had so much fun. My little girl even received a real bow and arrow from her dad (I'm still a little panicked over giving a 5 year old a real bow, haha!)

It was a lot of work (and money too) but all worth it in the end. I really love seeing a vision come to life.


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