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Indiana Jones and the Lost Dinosaur Egg (4 photos)


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For my son's 9th birthday we chose an Indiana Jones archeologist theme.

Invitation: "Indiana Jones and the Legend of the Golden Dinosaur Egg: A long time ago in a village lost in the amazon forest there was a native people group that loved dinosaurs. In fact their village was built next to a field with dinosaur fossils. The legend is that the people created a dinosaur egg of pure gold. The egg hid a map to find their treasure. They loved the egg so much that they created a temple around it. In time the people disappeared and the egg was lost. The egg is special not only because it is an artifact of an extinct people group, but also because it carries the key to their tresure. Indiana Jones wants to find this special egg and he needs your help! Come ready for an archeological adventure! The DATE at X's house where we will leave for South America at TIME and return at TIME.  

Activities and Games: The kids got a dinosaur excavation kit from OTC when they arrived. When everyone got their we read the story again together and I gave them their journals filled with clues to find the egg. The first clue was whip practice! I made them each a whip and they had to knock down a tower of cups. Then they had to decipher a code on our front door (we had decorated the door to look like a temple with dinosaurs and vines and stones etc) in order to get in to the temple. Next they had to walk across the path to the treasure room stepping only on the dinosaur prints (there were all types of animal footprints drawn onto a stone path that lead to our living room). They loved this! If they messed up they had to start again. Then they had to disguise themselves as mummies in order to find the last clue hidden behind the Mummy (a large hand-drawn Mummy hung in the living room). They split up in teams and decorated their team member with toilet paper to look like mummies. They were laughing so hard. The last clue took them to a large wooden chest and inside their was a paper mache egg I had spray painted gold. Inside the egg was a map. The map showed that the treasure had been hidden in small dinosaur eggs all over our yard. And they were off!! Each kid got three eggs (candy worms, growing dinosaur and dinosaur fruit snacks). Then they came in for lunch. After lunch they made their own fossils with salt dough. After their fossils we washed hands and did presents. Lastly we did the cake. It was an archeological dig site. They had to use small paint brushes to carefully brush away the dirt (cookie crumbs) and uncover the fossils (white chocolate dinosaur fossils). They loved this! They were so careful and worked so hard to find them.

Food: The food was all in theme. Velociraptor (chocolate eggs), Dinosaurs (dinosaur shaped cookies), Trex eggs (egg shaped sandwiches), poisonous snake (snake shaped sub sandwich), dinosaur poop (olives), mummy eyes (grapes), volcanoes (brownie pops), Mummies (made with hot dogs and filo dough), dinosaur bones (made with pretzels and mini marshmallows dipped in wht choc), and the drinks too (Mummy blood, Antidote, Liquid Gold, etc). They loved the food and got really into it!

Favors: They all got to take home their journal, their whip, their fossil and their excavated dinosaur in an Indiana Jones favor bag


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