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Lalaloopsy 6th birthday (18 photos)


the invitation

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based on Jewel Sparkles from the tv show on nickjr, Lalaloopsy. The girls did crafts and played a cake walk game, got their hair colored pink/purple/blue, got jewel tattoos, loaded up on all the jewelry and gems they could get their hands on, and had a blast!

I copied the idea of the jewels and the cake walk game from

I copied the cardboard purse concept from, but then altered the whole thing to be a face of the character. I used my laser machine to cut out all the pieces and mark on the cardboard where the pieces should be glued.

I copied the button cookies and coloring books from For the actual images used in the coloring book, I went to and they had awesome printables for free. 

The button paper plate idea and tutorial I got from

The button "K" in a frame, I copied idea from

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Laguna Beach, California
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