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(Tasteful) Star Wars Baby Shower (9 photos)


The invitation - mimicks the opening of the Star Wars movies

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I asked my friend Catrina if I could host a baby “sprinkle” for her. This being her second pregnancy, I thought a little party to give her lots of boy things (her daughter Claire is quite the girly-girl) would be in order.

I was pretty shocked when she announced her nursery theme was “Star Wars”! Of course she was doing a more modern and tasteful take on the movies using a color pallet of kelly green, navy blue, and grey with character silhouettes and asterisk-like stars. SO cute.

Right of the bat, I thought designing the invitation would stump me, but it turns out all my Star Wars marathons provided quite the inspiration. Using silhouettes of the charactres gave the invitation a strong Star Wars feel without getting in the realm of cheese-balls. 

I mimicked the opening story text of the movies and added in some Star Wars lingo to create a fun, thematic, yet not silly invitation…it even included light sabers! I was sure to include Catrina’s colors but wasn’t clued in to the asterisk stars at this point so I used regular ones. The parents loved it. I always feel like the invitation really kicks off the party, so from there on it was smooth sailing planning-wise.

I loved the Star Jedi Font I found on so much—it really made sticking with a theme easy. I used my Silhouette Cameo to make some buntings and Star Wars character cut-outs. Decorations were minimal but fun.

I stuck the stars and cut-outs to paper lanterns and placed a few fun Star Wars character prints around our screened in porch.

Luckily another friend, was my partner and co-host ,helping with the most important part…the food. As usual she prepared some incredible themed desserts—a “Star Cake”, “Green Light Sabers”, and “Red Velvet Crater Cookies”. I think my husband ate about six of those cookies.

Other food included popcorn snack bags, antipasta skewers, hot spinach artichoke dip, fig and goat cheese pitas, and southwest egg rolls. When in doubt, always make spinach artichoke dip. It never ceases to be the first plate scraped clean.

For refreshments, we served lemonade and easy-peasy champagne punch. A bottle of champagne, simple syrup, tripel sec, lemonade, a few frozen peach slices, mint leaves, and sliced citrus fruit. Let it chill for a couple hours and it’s a perfect summer sipper. For an even prettier presentation, freeze mint leaves and lemon slices in ice cubes a few days before.

And of course we needed fabulous table signs. They said things like “Skywalker Skewers” and “Degabah System Egg Rolls” and “Millenium Falcon Fig Pitas”. All that useless Star Wars knowledge just came rushing back to make this project a blast.

Finally, one of my favorite parts, was the party favor. I couldn’t resist ordering some green and blue macarons from Mila Sweets located in the nearby Whisk Bakery, wrapping them up in cellophane with a little thank you note attached. I’m all about edible favors.

The shower was fantastic! Everyone had a wonderful time and loved the decorations. 

The "Force" was with me in making this shower a sucess! 

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