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Chase's Ice Cream 3rd Birthday (45 photos)


Ice Cream 3rd Birthday by The Little Soiree

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Chase was extra excited for his birthday this year and had us all singing ‘happy birthday’ to him for a fair few weeks prior to the big day.

I starting planning his 3rd Birthday about 8 months prior, plans start off basic and slow and develop over the months.

The theme for Chase’s 3rd Birthday was an Ice Cream Theme. As I had a feeling when I began planning the party that Chase’s favourite characters, television shows and toys would most probably change by the time the party came around, I decided to come up with a fun theme that could be enjoyed by all the guests but most importantly Chase. That is why I went an Ice Cream theme, as he has always loved a rainbow swirl ice cream cone.
All the guests loved creating their own ice creams from the array of toppings, I think it brought out the child in all of us.

As the style was simple and modern this year I relied a lot on the desserts and cake stands to style the event and there wasn't as many decorations used as in previous years. I knew there had to be one special decoration though, giant balloons! It has become a tradition to have the gorgeous giant balloons from Occasion by Design at Chase’s parties. Not only are they bold and eye catching as a decoration, the children love to play with them. They are also conversation starters as guests cannot believe the size of them. Chase loves them and I don’t think I can imagine a party without them now. It of course isn’t fun fitting them in the car to get them home from being inflated.
Because I wasn’t going with the classic style I went completely the opposite and created a very modern and unique style for the overall party design.

The Ice Cream theme is a very popular one therefore I decided to steer away from the classic striped canopy style, although it was hard as I am in love with this style.

I designed the invitations and all the stationery for the party as my business, The Little Soiree is based around event printables.
I find inspiration for the entire party from the stationery.

I decided on single serve food for the lunch as ever since I have been a child myself I have loved single serve foods. While it was a time consuming idea to serve up it saved the guests time as they did not have to wait to serve food onto their plates they could just grab a salad, chip box or pastry box and go. I was lucky enough to have some much appreciated help from two of my lovely friends Naomi and Sonia as well as family on the day. Single serve foods would be a great idea for a small party or one with a lot of children as guests.

All in all Chase had a lovely day playing with his family and gorgeous friend Alex. He was very spoiled and loved the ice cream!

Tips for planning your own party:

Keep it simple, keep your plan simple and if you are doing it yourself stick to what you know or what is within your range or skills/talents. Seek help from family and friends, you would be surprised how much people love being involved in the planning of children’s parties.
Get the kids involved, it’s exciting for them and even the little ones can help out.
If a certain aspect of party planning isn’t in your realm of skills or you simply don’t have the time or patience for it, hire a professional. There are many talented small business owners out there who can create your cake, cookies, desserts, party stationery/printables, sew your tablecloths, prepare the savoury food. Most of the time that are mums themselves and offer a very personalized, friendly service.
If you simply don’t have the time and/or patience to plan any aspect of the event, enlist the services of an event planner/stylist who can take care of every little detail.
Be organized and it’s never too early to start planning. The best bakers, stationery designers and stylists will book out quickly. You also never know when your must have item might be out of stock for a little while so if you have your heart set on something it’s best not to wait.

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