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Sew Special (24 photos)


Sewing Themed Birthday Invitations

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A few weeks ago my mother celebrated her 65th birthday. This weekend, the family hosted a celebration in her honour. Here are the pictures of the designs created for the special day.

Because she is a seamstress, it was just natural for us to have a sewing themed event. The inspiration for the invite and decor came from a sewing themed birthday greeting card I created for my mom, a year or two ago.

Custom made dress forms and sewing pattern paper poms with jewel accents in "spools of thread" bases, served as centrepieces. It wasn’t easy getting my mother to give up a few patterns for this project, despite the fact she probably has hundreds and some probably older than me. I created a large version of a dress form that greeted guests upon arrival and (my fav) a large spool of thread for the card box.

Large ceramic buttons served as accent pieces on sconces, and for the kid in all of us, there was the sweet table which was of course… “sew sweet”.

The production of this event was definitely a family affair. Everyone pitched in to help including the small grandchildren who lent their hands in painting buttons and other things.

I know My Mother felt..."Sew Special"!


Toronto, Canada
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