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Carousel Party (23 photos)


Carousel Party Candy Table by SunshineParties on Etsy... x

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This Carousel Birthday Party Set was designed for one of our own in the SunshineShabby Family!  Little Sophia, who is has just turned one…much to everyones disbelief, as this year has just flown by!  So we thought a Carousel theme was very pointe with the following invitation wording “The carousel of life turns so fast…it’s hard to believe a year has passed!”

Sophia loved every minute of her party and just loved being around all her friends…

Sophias beautiful Carousel Party Candy Table includes our “Happy Birthday” banner, Straw Flags, Cupcake toppers, Food Labels, all available from our store SunshineParties on Etsy as well as so many yummy sweet and treats!
We handmade the fabric garland and the table runners just to add a extra touch of pink!

My best discovery for the party was the yummiest (and easiest) coconut ice ever…I got the recipe from Just Easy Recipes and it was an absolute hit and there was not a square left, and it was soooo pretty and pink!

We also decided to have a Painted Ponies Popcorn Stand…It was a hit! Everyone LOVED it…adults and kids!  With so much sugar around it was nice to have a savory snack  to munch on as you ran after your little one!

Here are some other heathly savory snack ideas for kids parties…x

Pita Breads with Hummus and Tzatziki dips.
Scones and quiches are a great and easy party snack for adults at a Kids Party, and Thank you to Isla Louise’s Food Company for all your amazing quiches…you are the best! x

Heathly wholeweat sandwiches with cream cheese, pesto & salami as well as chicken mayo went down an absolute hit on the health bread!

We had a stunning Red Velvet Cake made…Thank you Marlise Ross Cakes! Absolutely beautiful, and tasted just as amazing...and Sophia just adored her cake too…

Everyone (especially little Lilly) had lots of fun making and easting…Magical Unicorn Horns with ice-cream cones, icing and lots of different candies!

For the  favours were had colourful Carousel Lollipops for Sophia’s friends… but some could not wait to get home to eat them!
We used the Thank You tags from our party set from SunshineParties on Etsy

A big Thank you to Tunya Thomas Photography for capturing this special day!

Happy Birthday precious Sophia… we hope you had a wonderful party and had lots of fun with all your friends! x


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