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Our Little Cutie Pie: Clara's Pie Themed First Birthday (17 photos)


Invitation I designed and had printed locally

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I wanted Clara's first birthday to be special (what parent doesn't?) and had the hardest time
coming up with a theme. One day, the cutie pie theme just clicked. We frequently call her our little cutie pie, and I knew the theme was perfect for her.

As a food blogger, you can imagine the menu was the first thing I started planning. I didn't intend to make all pie themed foods, but it happened that way anyway. My husband and I made all the food ourselves, and I was thrilled with how it turned out. I even made Clara's smash cake look like a pie! I knew I wanted edible favors, and the Nutella Pie Pops ended up being my favorite detail of the party. I also loved the mix of vintage and modern dishes I used for the food table and how they didn't match exactly but still looked cohesive.

My other favorite thing was Clara's outfit, which I made. I purchased a onesie and sewed on fabric to create a dress. I made her matching headband, complete with felt bow, and I also made our dog a matching bandana to wear for the party. Those little details really stood out. 


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