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Baby, Let's Cruise (50 photos)


Baby, Let's Cruise!!

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She's a Classic Beauty, America's Sweetheart, and absolutely 100% Daddy's Little Girl!  Her daddy and grandpa buy, restore, and sell classic American automobiles... Muscle Cars, Cruisers, Hot Rods.. ya dig?!?!  She gladly tags along from car show to car show with her bright blue eyes shining.  Surprisingly, she has learned quite a bit about these cool, old chrome rides in her 3 years!  Don't tell anyone but Mommy, Aunt Tonia, and Grandma know their fair share about cars themselves.  So, when Evelyn turned 3, it seemed only fitting to host a Classic Car Cruise for our little "grease monkey" and "girly gear head"!  Adding a retro floral and classic houndstooth print, along with a black and white scheme added just the right amount of 'girl' and 'glamour'!  It was a fun and feminine twist to the traditional sock hop theme.  And for memory sake, all guests brought donations to Alzheimer's Foundation of America instead of gifts. 

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