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Classic Barbie in Paris (41 photos)


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When Elaina said she wanted a Barbie cake this year for her birthday I was a bit disappointed. I did not want to bring a tacky cake home from the bakery... Inspired by The Tomkat Studio Barbie Paris party- and many wonderful ideas on Pinterest, I pulled together this high-fashion DIY birthday. I was so happy with how it turned out. The little girls who enjoyed the afternoon with us (and even their mums) were transported to a glamorous and sophisiticated place of play.  For the most part, I put the party together myself,  I even managed the cake with the help of youtube.

Of course, I really couldn't have pulled it off without my handsome handyman husband who makes it all work. For example the wood Barbie box. The front was built using the high school laser cutter (perks of teaching at a high school I guess). The Man put it together and painted it - good job hun. He also reworked a Oriental Trading tabletop carnival booth for the patissiere shop awning. It comes in an awful shade of mustard so he painted that too after engineering it. The girls and I cut a paper awning rather than using the red and white canvas.

Most of the props belong to my sister who seems to travel to Paris every three years. Or my mother who loves everything French but has never been. She, Nana, is the beautiful woman giving the kinders the mini maker-overs for their doll debutes. You made Audrey proud.

I use my Big Shot from Stampin Up for the banners and lettering. Their paper as well and ribbon as well. 

The fabric behind the cake table and on the wall art and runner is all from Joann Fabrics. 

The crystals are from Koyal Wholesale. 

Straws and napkins from The TomKat studio. 

Gift bags from Martha Stewart Crafts. 

The Eiffel Tower candy mold was a steal on Amazon - candy melt from Joanns. Elaina helped make these. 

The Barbie printables are a free download I found on Pinterest - from

Elaina's dress is from Janie and Jack.  

Emma Dean Photography. 

Thanks guys! 



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