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Mikayla's 13th Horse Riding Party (49 photos)


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1. The Inspiration: Lilian’s daughter, Mikayla, loves horses, and with the recent purchase of their farm, her love has grown even deeper. As soon as Lilian set eyes on Loralee Lewis‘ invitation for a Horse Riding Picnic Party, she instantly knew it was the perfect theme to celebrate Mikayla’s 13th birthday. The paperie also served as inspiration for all the sweets on the dessert table. 
2. A Memorable Party Activity: Lilian booked Mikayla’s party at a reputable horse riding establishment–the birthday girl and all her guests said they had the best day riding through a state forest for two hours. 
3. Creating A Rustic Party Setting: I was thrilled to hear that the girls set up the table themselves and loved it! From laying out the picnic boxes with paper horse ribbons to lining up old fashioned fishing stools, each guest thoroughly enjoyed playing “party stylist”! 
4. A Perfect Picnic Lunch: Lilian made picnic lunches of chicken salad baguettes, apples, potato crisps and bottled water to bring along for the ride. At the end of the ride, guests were greeted with a popcorn and hot chocolate bar–yum! 
5. A Rustic Dessert Table: With the help of family, Lilian was able to hang a vintage sliding door frame as the backdrop for the dessert table set up in their barn. In addition, an old barn door served as the tabletop to display all the gorgeous desserts. I absolutely love the non-traditional (and stunning) “chocolate mud” flavored three-tiered cake. Sweets included many of Mikayla’s favorites like “Apple Crumble” macarons, old fashioned candies, chocolate covered oreos and iced sugar cookies. 
6. Finding A Balance: Life can be a balancing act. Lilian is a mother to four beautiful daughters, recently purchased and moved to a “farmlet” with her husband in Victoria, which they have been slowly renovating and replanting. Her party styling business and online shop are currently on hold as they get their property in tip-top shape, yet creating her daughters’ parties allows her a creative outlet and precious time spent with her girls. Lilian looks forward to one day returning to her business, but is thoroughly enjoying her life now. 


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