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Jonathan's 1st Birthday Party (30 photos)


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I worked closely with Cana's Miracle to create a one of a kind, carnival themed first
birthday party for my son, Jonathan. We wanted to create custom
invitations that incorporated the BIG 5 jungle animals that were
reminiscent of our honeymoon trip to South Africa. Jonathan's
invitation had a small gold string (through the elephant's trunk)
which you can pull to open up to see a full landscape of the BIG 5
animals that were displayed in a pop-up format. We thought this would
be a fun way to design an invitation and allow our guests to display
in their kids' rooms. We incorporated these same illustrations (all
handpainted and custom drawn) in his party favors and as the main
centerpoint in his birthday table. Jonathan's birthday table was
really special - we designed floating life sized animals (all hand
painted) coupled with large balloons with confetti. Throughout the
birthday party venue, we incorporated fun carnival games such as a
photo booth, balloon making man, etc. Keeping with the Korean
tradition, we also incorporated traditional korean "Dol" activities
(first birthday) such as dol-ja-bi game (Jonathan has to crawl towards
an item that symbolizes his future career) and we had a traditional
Korean rice-cake table which is symbolic of good fortunes. Paul and I
wore my parents' traditional Korean outfits that they wore when they
got married 30 years ago! Jonathan's Dol outfit was custom made from
Korea. Everyone had a blast and really enjoyed the event. The
combination of traditional korean elements and modern carnival theme
was perfect for our little boy.

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