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Sweet Exchange Valentines Day Styled Sweet Table (21 photos)


Printables by Curious Princess Couture,
Cupcakes by Roxy's Design,
Party Supplies by Hoopla Events LLC

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Valneitnes Day is not only for the romantics, so for this year's Valentines Day sweet table, I created a theme where the kids can come over and exchange cards with one another. 

I went with the typical colors: red, pink, and purple but I added touches of grey to the table. I hand made the backdrop. Let me tell you the work that went into these babies! There's a great tutorial online that has a step by step how to and a template. Very easy to make, just time consuming.

Once I knew the color pallet, I asked Anabella to design some printables. Boy did she ever! She did a great job, and was even able to incorporate the grey into them. Roxy made me 3 mini cakes, all with different designs, but was perfect for the table. 

I added macarons, cake pops, cupcakes and cheesecake bites, all in kid size portions. Thanks to Hoopla Events, the kids were able to take home some of the sweets and their cards they received.

When it came to exchanging their cards, Ariana and Evan were al ittle shy, but once that was over, dessert was their reward.


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