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Little Astronaut Party (21 photos)


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My sister and I live in different countries and dream about styling a party together. She's
a graphic designer and her little astronaut printables collection was my inspiration for my son's birthday party and a wonderful collaboration experience. It was also a fun concept for a 2-year-old boy party! To coordinate with her designs I used green, blue and silver throughout the decoration as well as a little pop of orange. I added a touch of green and silver polka dots - from the table cloth (a piece of fabric atop the always reliable white cloth) to the napkins, drinking straws and favor boxes.

The highlight or "pièce de résistance" of the fête's décor was the
solar system planets made out of paper lanterns, scraps of tissue
paper and other supplies I already had at home. I moved our dining
table in front of our large windows so the dark curtain panels could
be the backdrop to many silver shinny stars. I also finally got to
hang my adorable star paper lanterns purchased at San Francisco's
Chinatown - they went behind the food buffet. I served tapioca puffs
(biscoito polvilho) and popcorn inside ice cream cups with plastic
dome lids, since they had a flying saucer quality to them that I just

For the sweets table I made green alien cake pops with a pistachio
buttercream that was absolutely delicious and whole wheat rocket ship,
stars and number 2 cookies. I also served astronaut ice cream drops
and the same freeze dried fruit that astronauts take along on space
missions. Outside I had a nice cold bucket filled with real juice
rocket ice pops.

I knew I wanted a simple but remarkable cake, and I got just that - I
ordered a "green moon" crater cake and added paper cutouts using my
sister's designs. Cute aluminum boxes were available for guests to
take home the delicious cake and other treats.

Adults and kids alike had fun at our "Out of this World" Photo Booth,
stocked with funny props, including astronaut and alien paper masks,
inflatable hugging aliens, alien sunglasses and a space helmet.
Finally, for the kids' complete bliss, we rented a rocket ship moon
bounce and had a space module tent on the backyard so they could play
all they wanted (burn all that sugar). And so they did!

Homemade green peppermint-scented play dough was used to create
"aliens" by shaping them into little balls and adding plastic goggly
eyes. The little ones loved to create their own aliens as well! As
party favors, kids took home the playdough, recycled crayons, custom
coloring pages and some of the hugging aliens.

Vendor Credits:

Party Printables: Katia Bonfadini from Casos & Coisas da Bonfa,

Styling, Photography, Food, Alien Cake pops, Cookies: Flavia from
Fête à Fête, and

Cake: Sweet City Desserts,


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