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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Dance Party (42 photos)


Minnie Balloon Arch!

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My daughter LOVES to dance and is super into Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,
so for her birthday party we decided-what better way to party with a
bunch of 4 year olds than to have a dj and a dance floor with Minnie
and Mickey?!! As her guests arrived they donned Clubhouse Character
Party Hats and headed over to the coloring station as we all awaited
everyones arrival. "DJ Hal" called everyone to the dance floor as the
party began to all of "Jules" favorites- including the clubhouse theme
song. Just as the kids were really getting down- Surprise!! Minnie and
Mickey joined the party!! For lunch we dined on "Hot Diggity Dogs,"
Clubhouse Chili, Mickey's Cheese Balls, Clarabells Confections, and
Pluto's Punch to name a few. The cake was the MOST AMAZING Show
STOPPER- created by The Flour Garden- the 5 tier cake included all of
the famous clubhouse characters-even Clarabell (the birthday girls
fav) AND to top it all off- it SPUN!!!!! It was truly a master piece
and people are still talking about it. To end the party fun we had a
Pinata bash. Each child had a "doggy bag" to collect all of the
goodies in. As they left they took their party hats, clubhouse cd's
(with all the party tunes of course!), lolli pops, and doggy bags
filled with candy.

One of my favorite elements of the decor was the Minnie Mouse Balloon
Arch over the DJ booth. I also loved our table centerpieces- which
included beanie babies of each clubhouse character with tulips and
mickey balloons. The DIY pinata I made was a HUGE hit as well.

After the party we sent thank you notes and photos
from the photo booth of each child from the party with Minnie and

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