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Lace & Love Letters Dessert Table (27 photos)


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The theme I went with for this Valentine’s Day is “Lace & Love Letters.” I really wanted to stay away from the cliché and do something very romantic and timeless. I included lots of vintage ivory lace and even was able to drape some edible lace on the main cake and some of the sugar cookies. Chocolate “wax” seals adorned mini cupcakes and accented different parts of the table. I also hand painted gold script onto both cakes; the script is actual love letters written by famous men like Beethoven, Voltaire, and more. I was even able to include real vintage French love letters (dated from the 1930s, I believe) and created a little “writing” area on the table (actually, the table is my gold desk!), complete with vintage gold fountain pens, ink bottle, and the actual wax seal stamps that I used to make the chocolate seals. The quill on the main cake is made completely out of fondant, as are the gold fountain pens on the smaller cake. And the flowers on both cakes are made out of rice paper, both hand painted and colored.

The backdrop was made of those famous love letters, as well as gold frames with vintage French script paper flowers that I made by hand, and some vintage ivory lace. We went with mostly clear glass to display the desserts, but added little touches of gold and glitter for a little glam.

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Los Angeles, CA
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