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Australia Day Celebrations (15 photos)


Australia Day Dinning Table

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With Australia Day just around the corner we have created some ideas for Table Styling, Menu's and Children's Games.  I'm finding that with each passing year our supermarkets are producing some great Australian themed products that really allow you to set the scene for a great Australia Day party.

This year I've found all the styling items (except the toothpicks) from Woolworths,  this has been great as I normally travel around a number of shops before I find everything I need.  Well done Woolworths!

I've had a lot of fun styling this table and experimenting with different ways to use products.  During this post we'll detail how the look was created so you can easily do it at home.  I've also created 3 Australian Animal games.  These can be downloaded for free from

To create the Dining and Serving tables I've used the following techniques: 

  • Plastic table cloths have been covered with Australian flags. 
  • Plate setting have been created by placing Australia day plastic plates over a basic white plate, then folding a flag as a final layer.
  • I've used two styles of napkins, the first was mostly white and has been folded to show the Australian flag, this has been used on the dining table.  The second napkin design was navy blue and has been used to create a cone to serve the Potato wedges.  be sure to use a sturdy paper on the inside of the napkin when forming the cone.
  • A large Australian flag has been used as a backdrop for the serving table and smaller flags, sold as car flags have been attached to the dinning chairs. 
  • Plastic cups with the Australian flag have been used for Jelly Cups.
  • Final touches include bumper stickers over wine bottle labels and Australian stubby holders for the beer.
  • Small Australian flag toothpicks have been used to highlight the Pavlova, Jelly Cups and Hamburgers.

note: I've classified this as the 4th July as Australia day was not an option.

Julie - Chic Party Ideas
Melbourne, NY
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