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Around the World Paper Airplane Shower (27 photos)


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This was such a fun
party to plan! As much as I love decorating and styling a party--I
think the food was really the main attraction here. The hostesses all
chose a few foods to serve that came from various parts of the
world--they were all so creative (and delicious!) From quick treats
like Swedish Fish to more intricate dishes like Mini Tacos, there was
a variety of treats for every taste bud. Trader Joe's was a great
source for us--they have quite a selection of ready made international

The printables are all from RV Parties--and helped establish the theme
and color palette for the party early on. I love using vintage stamps
when I can find them and these adorable red airplane stamps were too

We brought in the feeling of traveling the world using globes, maps,
paper suitcases and paper airplanes. They were all relatively cheap
and easy ways to spruce up the party (although we did have to refresh
ourselves on how to fold a paper airplane!)

We entertained guests by playing an international matching game where
participants had to match the word for baby to the nation's language.
It was harder than we thought! Guests took home a few Ghiradelli
chocolates (from San Francisco!) as well as an adorable sugar cookie.

Vendor Credits: Printables, Styling and Photography: RV Parties

Vintage Stamps: Treasure Fox />
Sugar Cookies: J&J Bakeshop


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