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When my youngest daughter Reese turned 1, I knew I wanted a theme that would be fitting of her sweet, playful personality and include all of the things she loves.  We decided on a Teddy Bear Picnic right in our own backyard.  Anytime i throw a party, I like the space to feel transformed and really convey the theme.  This time, we turned the backyard into an idyllic park-like setting with tiny tables and chairs scattered throughout the yard and dozens of soft stuffed teddy bears (some as tall as 4').  The idea was to create the feeling of having stumbled upon a magical little picnic deep in the woods.  Some of the highlights included...


TEDDY BEAR CREATION STATION: Leesa Zelken of SEND IN THE CLOWNS provided an incredible teddy creation station where each child got to hand stuff their own bear and dress it before taking home their new friend.


PAWPRINTS: SEND IN THE CLOWNS also set up a super-fun paw print station where each child made a handprint (or footprint) keepsake to take home and remember their day at the picnic.


TEDDY BEAR GROVE: This was Reese's favorite party of the party! it included two huge pink sandboxes filled with sand toys and personalized buckets for each pf the kids.  Bright pink and white picnic blankets provided a spot for the little ones to relax and even spend time with a few friendly stuffed friends.  Because the party was held on a scorching hot day in the valley, two water tables filled with tiny little plastic teddies provided an opportunity for kids to cool off.


The party was all about "discovering" fun little surprises at every turn.  Baskets of kids sunglasses, teddy bear bubbles and custom "teddy bear ear" headbands had the kids giggling the whole day long.


At the end of the afternoon, each little one went home with a picnic basket filled with puzzles, an Itzy Ritzy snack bag for future picnics and their very own miniature bear!


It was a sweet, whimsical day and the perfect way to celebrate our little teddy bear turning one!

Post-Script: After the party was over, we bundled up the teddy bears and donated them to a children's chairty to ensure other little ones would get to enjoy them, too!



Teddy Bear Stuffing Station, Pawprint Station, Party Performers - LEESA ZELKEN of SEND IN THE CLOWNS (


Large Scale Decor Elements (shaped signs, lawn signs, shaped centerpieces, etc.) - PLAYPATTERNS (


Custom Paper goods (favor tags, centerpiece sticks, etc.) - PARTY ON DESIGNS (


Desserts and Cake - BLUE CUPCAKE (


Select Paper Decor - MARY HAD A LITTLE PARTY (


Teddy Bear Ear Headbands - FAT CAT PARTIES (




Reese's Birthday Outfit - CHIC BABY ROSE (


Event Photography - JEN ST. JOHN (


Catering - CORNER BAKERY (


Party Rentals - LA PARTY RENTS (


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