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A Fun & Fiery 3rd Birthday Party (23 photos)


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For the boy who lives,
breathes, and loves firetrucks more than anything else, there was no
question when it came to the theme for his 3rd birthday party. We kept
it simple & fun... and he loved it all.

I made the invitations in Photoshop, using a free template that I
found online. I found decoration inspiration on Pinterest, and created
a fiery cityscape for our backdrop, featuring tissue paper flames and
cardboard boxes painted to look like buildings. I love the way it came
out! Other decor included a custom banner, a vintage fire truck print,
and plenty of red balloons.

Cupcakes were displayed on fire hydrant cake stands, and our littlest
guests drank from fire hydrant straw cups. I tried to stick with a
red-yellow-orange palette and everything looked so bright & fun!

The menu was simple, featuring a BBQ and a whole lot of
colour-coordinated snacks, including tortilla chips with nacho dip, a
veggie tray, popcorn, a variety of red candies, and fruit punch.
Dessert was cherry chip cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and

Our littlest guests went home with a bright red bucket full of themed
goodies, including fireman bubbles, firetruck stickers, firetruck
socks, and fireman rubber ducks. They also got their very own fire
helmets to wear home.

The star of the show was the antique fire truck that we hired to visit
during the party. The kids (and some of the "big kids") were all very
excited & happy to climb in, ring the bell, and take it for a pretend
drive. It was so much fun, and we loved seeing our sweet birthday boy
in his element, "driving" a big truck and getting to be a real fireman
for a day! "Anybody need help?" he yelled. "Get out of the fire!"

Ottawa, ON, Canada, NY
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