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My Little Pony Birthday (25 photos)


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My daughter quickly fell in love with My Little Pony shortly after her third birthday. I think Pinkie Pie and her are kindred spirits! So it was no surprise to me when she asked for a pony birthday party. Our party colors were pink, purple, orange, yellow, and aqua. The party areas were decorated with colorful triangle buntings, confetti, balloons, and of course our growing supply of ponies.

Snacks served were pony themed and included Rainbow Dash’s Fish Crackers (colored goldfish), Rarity’s Pop-ular Corn, Rainbow Dash’s Sonic Rainboom Fruit and Fluttershy’s Bunny Munch (veggies). Our drinks included Pinkie Pie Pink Lemonade and Sweet Apple Acres Apple Juice. The sweets on our dessert table included vanilla cupcakes, vanilla cake, marshmallow pops, dipped vanilla wafers, and Oreos.

During the party we enjoyed many activities! Rarity’s Carousel Boutique included cutie mark tattoos, nail painting, dress ups, and hunting for jewels (or ring pops). Sugar Cube Corner was colorfully decorated with plastic tablecloth rolls to cover the walls. We enjoyed decorating unicorn horns (or party hats), playing our cutie mark bean bag toss, and pin the cutie mark on Pinkie Pie. After all our activities we enjoyed our sweets and opened gifts.

Guests left with personalized mini gable boxes filled with treats. In true pony spirit the birthday girl said “It was the best day ever!”

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