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The Proposal Project (22 photos)


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There is a special moment in every man’s life. The moment he decides that the woman beside him is the one and only and he is ready to take the most important decision that will change his life forever .
And there is a special moment in every woman's life . The moment that her beloved, asks her to marry him . The atmosphere.. and the romance of the moment. Every little detail makes that moment special.
He was determined , confident , enthusiastic and organizational .
She had no idea ..
Valentine's Day was chosen as the perfect day for such an event.
The very much in love groom to be, asked for a romantic table setting for 2 and a dessert table.
His only request was to completely avoid red color, and instead use shades of purple (his fiancée’s favorite color ). We chose a color palette with basic color Radiant Orchid (2014's Pantone color). And the result was sensual and unique !
And for the record..she said YES!

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