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Little Kokeshi Birthday Party (39 photos)


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For my daughter’s
6th birthday party, we decided to do a Little Kokeshi theme. She was
born in Japan and is fascinated with anything Japanese. When we lived
there, I’d brought her some kokeshi dolls and she absolutely loves
these beautiful wooden dolls that have become a representation of the
traditional folk arts of Japan.

I wanted her party to be very colorful so I used plenty of color in
the printables and I included traditional Japanese prints. The girls
at the party loved learning about the Japanese country and culture and
I tried to incorporate the learning experience into all aspects of the

For the dessert table, I displayed fresh raspberries and angel food
cake to look like the Japanese flag. I also put out strawberry and
chocolate Poky sticks. These were my favorite treats when we lived in
Japan. Of course, we had cupcakes with personalized labels, Hershey
kisses, and chocolate bars with personalized wrappers. The table was
decorated with little kokeshi dolls, origami cranes and flowers. Our
apartment in Japan had a beautiful tatami room, which I used for
inspiration. I used beach mats instead of a tablecloth to achieve the
tatami look.

For food, I served traditional Japanese udon noodle salad and
Japanese-style meatballs. I also put out spicy wasabi peas for the
adults to nibble on. I made extra wide pinwheel sandwiches to look
like sushi rolls and also served open face boursin and cucumber
sandwiches. I cut cucumber into little sakura (cherry blossom) shapes
using a fondant cutter. I talked to the girls about Japanese food and
they loved making candy sushi and using special children’s chopstick
that I got from Japan. These chopsticks have a finger ring to help
them master the sticks.

Afterward they ate, the girls got to color in Kokeshi dolls and then
have their individual photograph taken in front of a rice screen by
Danielle of All Things Great and Small Photography. They absolutely
loved the parasols and fan photo props.

For the favor bags, I used plain white paper bags that I decorated
with thick grosgrain ribbon and a hang tags. Inside, I included
chopsticks, origami stars and cranes, their coloring pages, a fan, and
an assortment of Japanese candies.


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