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Georgia's Rainbow Arty Party (30 photos)


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As we began to brainstorm about Georgia's sixth birthday party theme, one thing was certain... she wanted an opportunity to be creative!  Maybe it's simply her love of anything arts and craftsy...we landed on a rainbow themed art party and never looked back!  The Children's Museum of Green Bay served as the perfect backdrop for her special day.  Their arts and crafts room was easily transformed in to a fun and inviting space a.k.a. Georgia's Art Studio!  Sunshine and Pop's digital Art Party package served as our inspiration.  From her colorful invitation and funky digital paper to the clever paintbrush favor tags, we knew we were going to have lots of fun.


This was my first of out of the home party.  By design, everything we did needed to be transportable and relatively easy to set up.  The main table was decorated using large roll white paper, to serve as an inexpensive tablecloth.  Outlined placemats were drawn with Sharpie markers and pieces of 8 x 11" digital paper were placed inside with a small white plate and name card so each girl could easily locate her chair.  Once the digital paper was removed, each guest was able to personalize her own "placemat" using crayons and markers.  This was not only fun for them, but it gave me a little time to get the cake and snacks on to plates to serve them.

A party in February meant limitations on available flowers.  Carnations were purchased in bulk from Sam's Club and sprayed the colors of the rainbow using floral safe paint (this is important because other spray paint will "burn" the flower).  It's important to wear gloves when you do this and hold the spray 12-18 inches away from the flower.  The chip brushes were sprayed using the same paint and hot glued to the front of silver paint cans with a ribbon and used for our centerpieces.

The refreshment table was decorated with a table skirt made from 7" strips of colored plastic tablecloths and double sided tape.  I would normally sew a tablecloth but I also know I'm never going to use a rainbow colored tableskirt in my home!  I loved making this and by keeping the plastic tablecloths folded, I easily cut them in to strips (I used my sewing wheel cutter) and started with the bottom ruffle first.  I was surprised at how easy and beautiful it turned out with very little invested (about 10 dollars total for double-sided tape and 7 tablecloths, using a white one as the base I taped the strips to).

SunshineAndPop designed a custom Rainbow Art Party printables collection just for our party! See the whole collection here:



The birthday cake was truly the highlight of our other table.  Using a grocery store cake, I decorated it with adorable fondant work completed by Sugar and Stripes, Co.  Georgia had three requests:  Her name, the number "6" and some paintbrushes.  And I wanted paint splatters!  A framed "6" sat atop an easel they created.  The paint brushes and paint cans beautifully conveyed the spirit of our Art Party.  Their paint splatter monograms and beautiful palettes sat atop cupcakes.  Clear jars of rainbow layered gumballs, popcorn and rainbow kabobs were also enjoyed by guests.

The remaining remnants of the plastic tablecloths were used to make party tassels attached to a rope to create our apron clothesline.  Aprons weremade from striped rainbow fabric for the girls to wear while creating their masterpieces.  Bias tape in fun colors was used to cover the edges and to serve as neck and waist straps.  The girls were excited to take them home with them.


The museum provided the canvas and easels for our painting and I had to provide the acrylic paint and brushes.  I made paper plate palettes for each child and they worked very well.  The aprons kept the girls' outfits clean and I was impressed with how intentional and thoughtful they were in their painting.  I expected complete pandemonium but found putting small amounts of paint on each plate in advance ensured we could control the mess (special thanks to the museum for their suggestion to do that).  The Museum had drying racks for their artwork so we started our party with that activity so they had enough drying time.

There were a total of 10 girls at the party . We created a rainbow bead bracelet station so half of the girls could make a bracelet while the other half painted at the easels.  The beads were put in clear bowls and placed on a palette cut out of inexpensive fiber board.  These beads weren't just your standard pony beads... they were fun and included dolphins, flip flops, flowers and funky shapes.  And of course, you can't forget we were at a museum; the girls enjoyed all of their exhibits while we were there!


Party favors included small pails with a chalkboard lable to put each guest's name.  Rainbow crinkle paper was made using scrapbook paper and a shredder.  Rainbow gem magnets were included with rainbow colored candy (Sixlets), a rainbow colored elastic band bracelet, headband and a colored glue stick.  In addition, I found some awesome inexpensive art kits (1.99) and cut open the tops with an Exacto knife and slid in a piece of digital paper to coordinate with our party theme.  Coupled with their canvas masterpiece and apron, they had some great mementos of a super fun day!


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