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Kim Casali 'Love is..." inspired Valentines party (17 photos)


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Remember the cute the "Love is..." couple from the 70's? Kim Casali created "Love is..." back in the late 1960s. For Valentine's day I wanted to create something classic and sweet. What's more sweet and classic then Kim Casali "Love is...". Growing up I was always so excited to get the newspaper just to see Kim Casali "Love is..." love comic. Like many others I too was a colletor of her sweet cartoon cuties so this year, I decided to create a Valetines party based off this lovely couple. I thought this would be a great party to bring back childhood memories of Love!


I was always taugh that Love is Unconditional, it include everyone and excludes no one and I learned the true meaning of uncondiditonal Love when my niece and nephew were born. Since the day they were born they have been have been the true source of my inspirtation and whenever I plan a party I get my inspiration from my niece and nephew and childhood memories!

Upland, CA
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