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Katie's 5th Neverland Party (50 photos)


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My daughter Katie is a Tinkerbell look-a-like and she is in love with Peter Pan so this party was easy to create! I had the party at my home by transforming my backyard into Neverland. There were different zones of the party: Mermaid Lagoon, Lost Boys Hideout, Pixie Hollow, Indian Camp, and Crocodile Creek. I purchased a sign from The Trashy Side on ETSY that was the centerpiece of the party indicating the direction of all the zones of the party. The main feature of the party was a 16 by 16 foot cardboard pirate ship my husband and I assembled. This was purchased at Stumps Party Supply online. It wasn't the easiest to put together but I had had some practice at our Halloween school carnival. This was definitely at least a two man job! The characters of the story were set flying in the background of the ship. I purchased handpainted wallpaper decals on ETSY from speakeasy413 and adhered them to styro boards then cut them out with an exacto knife. The scene behind the ship was one of my favorite touches!  The Lost Boys Hideout was our play set adorned with lots of fishing net, crabs, shells, pirate ship cleats, pirate keys,a parrot, Tinkerbell's door, a home made walk the plank, homemade cannonballs, wooden crates and treasure chests. Mermaid Lagoon consisted of two large wood cutouts of the different characters that the children could stick their heads through to pretend they were the characters. The ground was sprinkled with shells and there were two large galvanized tubs filled with sand and buried treasure. Indian camp consisted of a tee pee I purchased at Pottery Barn Kids. and 10 sitting logs around a mock bonfire. I used birch wood for the fire logs and cut yellow, orange and red felt to look like flames. The logs were gathered from Arbor Works Tree Service in Tallahassee, Fl. I was lucky enough to link up with Mike and his mother Jan who were very gracious and willing to help me acquire the logs. I created paper feathers on jute string to wrap around every other tree stump and I created strands of feathers to top the tee pee! This was my favorite zone of the party. Pixie Hollow was our crafting area. I had several crafts available for the kids. They included painting and designing a fairy house, making pixie dust, messages in a bottle, and painting treasure chests.

The treasure chest craft was very simple. I bought mini wooden treasure chests and wood paint pens. The kids had buckets of gold deblumes and jewels they could stuff their chest with after they colored it! The pixie dust was created from a combination of colored sand, colored glitter, and metallic confetti! I hot glued a cotton pom pom and green rubber leave to each plastic pixie container and wrapped the top in green glitter ribbon. The kids also had their choice of a pixie wand. These were made by hot gluing a cotton pom pom to a lollipop stick and dipping it in glitter and adorning it with green glitter ribbon. The message bottles were plastic bottles with cork tops. I took suede rope and criss crossed it on the bottles to give them flair! The kids added rocks, shells, sand, and pirate maps to the bottles! The final craft allowed the kids to create their own fairy house. I knew paint would be tough to work with so I picked wooden paint markers to color them with and provided stickers, butterfly shaped confetti and sequins so they could be adorned. The crafts were a hit!

I also had several games at her party. There was Captain Hook's ring toss, a treasure hunt that included a series of 10 clues that led to actual buried treasure, and a crocodile shaped pinata! I created the ring toss by spray painting plastic hooks giving them a silver metallic texture. I glued them to a piece of ply wood I adorned with red and gold yarn. I wrapped each hook with white fabric and gold cord. I wrapped pool rings in the same red yarn! The children won prizes for ringing the hooks. The prizes were hand made starfish hair clips. I simply hot glued velcro to the back of the clip and the back of the starfish and created a cute prize.

The treasure hunt consisted of ten clues. The clues were backed on burnt scraps of paper bags to make them look old and adorned with gold deblumes and rustic keys. The clues led us to an area in the backyard and the kids actually had to dig the treasure up. This was FUN!!!!

The food included Tink's Fairy Wand Treats (chocolate dipped pretzel rods), Pirate Booty (cheeseballs), Smee's Cannon Balls (Donut holes), Neverland Star Sandwiches, Wendy's Cake Pops, Lost Boys Trail Mix, Never Never Nuggets (popcorn chicken), Peter Pan Cupcakes, Tink's Fairy Fruit Salad, Hook's Ham and Cheese Sandwiches and Mermaid Lagoon Punch! I also provided a candy table, a table to hold completed crafts, and a favor table.

The favors were green and white checked paper bags filled with pirate loot, candy and an alligator clicker toy! The bags were adorned with a personalized thank you tag and sealed with a feather clothespin. I made these feathered clothespins to seal the favor bags as well as to hang the professional pictures I had of my children dressed as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!

Other crafts I did to add detail to the party include a ribbon and jewel backdrop for Pixie Hollow, green Peter Pan felt bunting for all the tables, yellow flower topiaries for the Pixie tables, large mason jar centerpieces for the four dining tables filled with sand, gold deblumes and shells. I also created each framed sign. I painted each wooden sign and adorned it with items like jewels, crocodiles, gold deblumes, candy, pom poms, leaves and acorns. I painted a large wooden letter T green and hot glued acorns to it! The napkins were green and folded to resemble Peter Pan's hat with a red beverage napkin folded to make the feather. 

All the paper printouts, invitations, signs, food labels, thank you tags were designed and created by Natalie Clause of Southern Belles Charm. She is so wonderful to work with and has created all the designs for all the parties I create!

Photographer: Jennifer Powell of Tallahassee, Fl
Invitations/Signs/Paper Detail: Natalie Clause of Southern Belles Charm
Food: Publix
Cupcakes: Tasty Pastry in Tallahassee, Fl
Cupcake Toppers: PirateDessert on ETSY
Cake Pops: Becca at SweetWhimsyShop on ETSY
Cake: my creation
Tinkerbell Cake Topper: LikeButter on ETSY

Overall, we all felt like we had gone to Neverland! If only I could truly figure out a way to stop my baby girl from growing up!

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