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Top of the Morning--A St. Patrick's Day Brunch (29 photos)


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Top of the morning to you! This St. Patrick's Day brunch was so fun to put together and
serve. Green and gold were the natural colors to build the party
around. I used a bunch of shades of green when designing the
printables so that I'd have a lot of flexibility when picking out
decor and food to match them. And of course--GOLD. You can't have a
St. Patrick's Day party without gold!

While I'm not sure exactly what "top of the morning" means, it made
for a fun theme to plan foods around. My goal was to keep the foods as
dye-free as possible--I wasn't too keen on dumping a bottle of green
food coloring into the pancakes. Spinach was an easy way to color the
pancakes naturally and sneak some veggies into the kids at the same
time. The green bell pepper shamrocks and golden scrambled eggs were
a bright and delicious addition to the menu. The fruit salad was a big
hit--we used kiwi, green grapes and pineapple. Instead of dyeing the
rice krispie treats and homemade marshmallows, I opted for bright
sprinkles (in my mind, that made them slightly less dyed!) I was a bit
smitten with the pretzels--the chocolate pots of gold and shamrocks
were too cute. My pride and joy were the macarons--lots of practice
went into making the darling little shamrocks and sweet lemon circles.

This is such a fun and quick party to put together! The backdrop cost
less than $10 to make and really brightened the space. The food can be
as easy or complicated as you want. Store bought rice krispies and
marshmallows are just as fun as homemade one and the seasonal Easter
candy has lots of green and gold options this time of year. The
printables are all available in our Etsy shop for instant download.


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