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Some Bunny is on Their Way (33 photos)


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My sister decided to wait until her first child was born to know the gender. As you can only imagine, the anticipation has been killing our family! When I found out that she was pregnant, I immediately started looking through Pinterest and blogs to come up with the perfect theme to celebrate the arrival of my little niece or nephew. I didn't want to go with the traditional yellow and green that you so commonly see for gender neutral parties, I wanted to choose a theme that you don't see very often, bunnies. With a lot of time and preparation, my mom, aunt and cousin pulled together this party.

I designed the invitations using the Mixbook blank canvas editorial feature. Mixbook is fabulous, all the stickers and pages that you would find in a scrapbook store minus the cutting, gluing and mess--- oh, the wonders of technology.

I would say the main focus for the party was the floral pieces and the dessert bar.

I, by trade, am a cake decorator. Dessert bars are a great way to create a show-stopping display and provide little bite-sized desserts for all the ladies watching their waistline. My sister-in-law is a florist by hobby. She has a keen eye for design and is a little bit of a perfectionist, just the right combination to arrane glorious flower displays. The urn centerpieve was definitely the talk of the party, its just gorgeous!

In keeping with the bunny theme, we cut out bunny silhouettes from multi-colored and patterned scrapbook paper. The bunnies were then strung on a line and hung up as a garland though every doorway. We also displayed rabbit stuffed animals on tables and other points of interest.

We also wanted mommy-to-be to feel beautiful and special for her baby's shower, a friend styled her hair and applies her make-up and we completed her look with a pretty floral crown, one hot momma!

Thank you for checking out this post, I hope that you get some inspiration for your own parties!


Lancaster, CA
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