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Ninjago Party- Part 2 (32 photos)


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Ninjago Party Summary by OhSoPrintable
What was once a little super hero has morphed into a ninja, actually a ninjago to be exact. When my son announced his birthday theme I was thrilled to do a spin on the traditional ninja colors. In the show Ninjago, Sensei Wu and Lord Garmadon represent good and evil. Lloyd, the green ninja, finds his true potential, becomes the golden ninja and defeats evil.  For that reason, I decided on a black and white color scheme with green and gold also incorporated. The talented photographer, Brian, of All Grins Photography captured all of the precious details of my son’s ninja birthday party.

The modern pattern of black shurikens and a gold tassel garland drew attention to the dessert table as the backdrop. Lloyd’s infamous quote, “A ninja never quits” adorned the stand for the main focal point, a bold green ninja cake made by Viva La Cake. The detailed Ninjago sugar cookies by Litterelly Delicious Cakery framed the cake. Brownie stacks embellished with dragon cupcake toppers and chocolate cupcakes topped with ying yang fondant toppers crafted by Pastel Fiesta satisfied the sweet tooth. Let Them Eat Cake Pops made the intricate Lord Garmadon and Sensei Wu cake pops that were not only stunning but also delicious!

Also included on the dessert table were hand painted ninja wooden pegs by Five Little Monkeys. They not only added to the décor but are now one of my son’s favorite toys to play with. The framed sign “Ninja, choose your weapon” invited the children to sort through the containers of swords, nunchucks, shurikens and face masks and don their favorites. They spent the afternoon defending Ninjago from evil. When it was time to break the Lord Garmadon piñata, they had plenty of experience with their weapons.

At the main table, paper lanterns were hung in coordinating colors. Foam fortune cookies marked with each child’s name revealed their elemental powers. Chinese rice and egg rolls were served in take-out containers and eaten with bamboo chopsticks, the utensils of choice. Each container was labeled catchy phrases such as “Spinjitzu Grub” and “Ninjas Gotta Eat.” Tea cups with “green tea” juice quenched our thirst.

Vendor Credits:
Photography- All Grins Photography;
Party Styling and Printables- OhSoPrintable;
Custom Cake- Viva La Cake;
Custom Cake Pops- Let Them Eat Cake Pops;
Custom Sugar Cookies- Litterelly Delicious Cakery;
Custom Fondant Toppers- Pastel Fiesta;
Hand Painted Wooden Peg Dolls- Five Little Monkeys;
Foam Fortune Cookie Tutorial- One Charming Party;
Take-out Containers- Garnish;


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