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From when I was a kid, one of my favorite rides at Disney World is the Jungle Safari adventure. When a client challenged me to create a safari inspired collection with a vintage spin, I couldn't resist using inspiration from the imagineers at the Happiest Place on Earth!
Starting always with the invitation ( the hardest piece of a collection to design) I used a vintage map as my background.  The invite graphics look like a  letter sent straight from the home office of the Jungle Navigation Co. inviting little explorers to "Travel the Globe With Us" on a safari around the world, complete with a vintage African elephant stamp. Peeking out from under the letter is the one thing any world traveler needs, a passport and luggage tag with the expedition departure date.  Of course you must contact the customs office first to RSVP and confirm your reservation.

The dessert table is usually the sweet gathering spot for the end of any event. My idea for this dessert table was to mimic a safari outpost where the explorers could congregate and enjoy all of the delectable treasures they acquired on their journey. Treat labels and printables were designed with the same vintage map background and a postcard or luggage tag, scrolled with the name of the sweet and what country it was acquired, excavated or observed in. Treats also followed suit with all of the famous parts of the Jungle Cruise ride in Disney.

Cute little Gorillas on top of the banana pudding push pops were observed in Africa.
Indian Elephant bathing pools were observed in India (for anyone familiar with the Disney Jungle Cruise ride, this is a stop that always gets giggles out of the kids, as the baby elephant threatens to squirt the boat with water)
The famous Jumbo Butterflies from Alexandria were made out of edible rice paper and attached to
mini gingerbread cookie landing pads.
Madagascar Macarons were made by the sweet genius Alana Marie of the Splendid Sweet Shoppe, and filled with the richest chocolate ganache.
Mini python egg jellybeans were acquired in Cambodia, and Serengeti cupcakes were topped with animals grazing the savanna. Congo river candy rocks were excavated in Africa, and guests sipped on Amazon Rainforest water.
The Splendid Sweet Shoppe also created the most amazing sugar cookies decked out with edible images that matched all of my printables! Travel the globe cake pops graced the table as a homage to the very company that sponsored the adventure "The Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd."

Last but certainly not least, as they are my two FAVORITE goodies displayed on the table, were the Native Spear S'mores, made by The Luscious Loaf Bakery, and the chocolate shrunken heads. Displayed in a hand carved wooden tray filled with brown sugar to look like sand, the spear s'mores and shrunken heads look like they were displayed by their pygmy native owners for purchase from unknowing tourist travelers.  Trader Sam will trade you two of his heads for one of yours (famous funny line from the Disney ride) and who dares to steal a taste of the s'more spears? Hope you're fast on your feet, for if they catch you, they might have you for dessert!

Guests were given water canteens, binoculars and Mike N' Ike "Malaria medicine" to make sure they were safe on their journey.
At the end of the expedition they picked up their mini luggage favor boxes filled with macaroons, from the "Customs Loading Dock".

A rustic burlap curtain and curtain rods acted as the outpost tent backdrop, and all of the props and platters were found at my local Home Goods store, including amazing vintage National Geographic books used as a stand to hold the cupcake tray.

This is one of my FAVORITE parties I have designed to date! All of the printables are available in my shop, and goodies are available from my amazing vendors!

Party Printables-
Party styling- Danielle of

Queen Alexandria Jumbo Butterfly Cookies-
Madagascar Macarons-
Native spear s'mores-
Custom cookies-
Gorilla Banana Pudding Push Pops
Indian Elephant Bathing Pools Jello
Travel the Globe Cake Pops
Serengeti Cupcakes
Mini Python eggs jelly beans
Congo River Rocks, edible rock candy
Amazon Rainforest Rain Water
Trader Sam's chocolate Shruken Heads

Mini suitcases filled with macarons- boxes by
Medicine vials filled with malaria Mike n' Ike  candy
binoculars and water canteens

Cutie Putti Paperie
Manhattan, New York
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