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Monsters University Party (15 photos)


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This party was given for my son. He is 6 years now, and he is very fashinated from ghosts, monsters, trashpack etc. So I decided to though him a monsters university party like the movie, just because he also goes to the 1st grade of the elementary school.

Almost everything shown in the pics is handmade by myself. Sullivan is made out of polysteryne and clay. The mad scientists lab, was actually the mini bar we created in the veranda for the drinks. It also had homemade lemonade, kiwi, blue curacao, rasberry juice and other drinks. Mainly I wanted everything to be in line with the selected colors.

I also baked and decorated the cupcakes with the eyes. Here in Greece we do not have so many halloween stuff, so I put on my fantasy: the eye is made out of small caramels and I have painted with edible pen the eye ball. The drawing has drawn a bit but the result was event better!

In another corner, I created a chanted forest with handmade ghosts. There the kids had to register to the university. Haha! I also printed diplomas for every kid after of course they pass the "door challenge". The door was made our of cupboard. I painted it and I glued a painted polysteryne hand. When they opened the door there was a monster in to scare them. I had also glued a red flash light on the door, to simulate the "monster in" like the movie! The red flash light it was actually a flash light for bikes. Very cheap (5euro= less than 3 $).

The cake was the best part. The confectioner just created the ultimate. I am sure you agree with that.

One of the best games we played was the "best scream contest"! Even though for some seconds you could not hear your breathe, then the kids didn's want to scream anymore!!! HAhahaa!

Enjoy the images. Visit my website or FB for even more ideas!


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