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Rugby Train Birthday Party (13 photos)


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Tyler's Train Birthday Party for his 3rd birthday was so much fun! We had a wonderful time with all of our guests!

We had it at a local park (a little risky at the beginning of March even in Florida). But our venue we planned on previously happened to be under construction at the time! It didn't matter though, we still had a great time!

I set up a desert table with vanilla cake, vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cake pops, and dark and milk chocolate candies.  We served water and fruit punch along with the sweets.

We had party favors that were perfect for the outdoors. Each bag had bubbles with the train bubble wrappers around them, train whistles, a red heart lollipop and crayons with train coloring sheets.

Other than the party favors, the playground kept the kids busy.  

My favorite moment was seeing Tyler amazed and so happy when everyone was singing happy birthday to him. This was the first year he realized it was for him.  Tyler loves to sing and later that night I caught him singing happy birthday to himself.  It really made such a huge impression on him!



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