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Woodland FOURest Party - Part 2 (13 photos)


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Aurora’s 4th birthday was held at an indoor playground so that she and her buddies could do what they love most – play!  The only request from the birthday girl was that the party be pink. When told I was considering a woodland theme for the party, my husband cleverly suggested we have a Woodland FOURest Party. From there I got busy designing and crafting to prepare for a pink, gold, and silver birthday party for Aurora and all of her wonderful FOURest friends.

Kids Play Café conveniently includes an indoor playground, eating, and party area. Both the dessert table and kids table were set up in the party room, where I created a back-drop by painting birch trees on long sheets of kraft paper.

Kids Play Café prepared sandwiches, fresh fruit, and crudités for the adults; and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and fruit for the kids.  Drinks included fruit-infused water and lemonade. For easy distribution, kid lunches were tucked into wood grain gable boxes that I found in the dollar section at Target last year.

I worked with the talented Kelly at Sparkmymind Designs to design coordinating invitations, party signs, and a pin-the-tail on the fox poster.

Aurora and I painted branches, twigs, nuts, acorns, and pinecones with pink craft paint to use as accents throughout the party. Painting pinecones was a perfect activity for a soon-to-be four year old – Aurora painted almost all of the pinecones herself!

The woodland creature masks for the guests, which I really enjoyed creating, were crafted with felt and included touches of pink, gold, and silver. Guests could choose from raccoons, deer, owls, foxes, and bears.

For the cake flags I used both birch bark and stiff felt hot-glued to skewers.

With no time left to make a piñata, I duplicated the same vibe by creating a large “4” on poster board, then covering it with pink, gold, silver, and white crepe paper and tissue paper. Tissue tassels in various shades of pink, gold, and silver adorned the dessert table and the large confetti balloon.

To round out the table decorations, I used various animal figurines that I had purchased around Christmastime and spray-painted a few plastic animals baby pink.

The dessert table included a pink cake with coconut frosting, powdered doughnuts, and a combination of cookies from our neighborhood Italian restaurant and the grocery store. Pink jellybeans, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, yogurt covered raisins, and M&M’s were set out in letter-shaped bowls spelling out F-O-U-R.

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting from the local grocery store, along with woodland creatures, served as focal points on the kids table.

Taking a quick break from all of the play activities available at the venue, the kids quickly lined up to be blind-folded and play pin-the-tail on the fox.

In addition to the felt animal masks, tiny guests received a kraft paper handle bag that included a cookie, milk, woodland finger puppets, and colored pencils made of twigs. Gold decorative tape and each child’s name on wood grain paper were attached to each bag to add flair.

I feel like the time flew by, and it was soon nap time for all of us FOURest friends, big and small.  It was a great day spent with friends.

Vendor List
Venue/Food:  Kids Play Café
Photographer: Adam Trujillo Photography
Cookies: Montesano’s Italian Restaurant
Tree Slices: Save On Crafts


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