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Fountain of Youth Treat Table: 40th Birthday Celebration (1 photos)


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This year, I was busy planning a black tie 40th birthday celebration for my brother who recently burst my bubble by telling me that he would rather not have a party.  Instead, he asked that I just help gather up our family to have a vacation at a beach in Virginia.  As I hesitantly stopped planning, I was encouraged by my photographer Elisha Akram to contine with my plans.  As an Event Planner, it did not take much to twist my arm.  Since we would be staying in a beach home, I decided to change his party concept into something more modest.  I also wanted to be mindful that some people don't like a big 40th birthday party but I believe everyone deserves to be celebrated.  So after stumbling across a small vintage fountain I used for a previous party, I decided to create a Fountain of Youth Treat Table for my brother which incorporated some of his favorite treats and television shows.  I used an old desk in my house as the foundation of the table since as an attorney he is often found working at a desk on a computer.  Next, I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased burlap table runners, a vintage football picture frame, a wooden block calendar, and 2 yards of dark teal fabric for the wall backdrop.  I purchased printables from Emily Andrews with Busy Chickadees via Etsy which included the banner, labels, and cupcake toppers.  Everything on the Fountain of Youth Treat Table were things that he has loved ever since we were children and things he currently enjoys as an adult.  Such as cookies and milk, apple pie and ice cream, coffee and donuts, rice krispies, cupcakes, chips, beer, scotch, the Simpsons, Futurama, the Walking Dead and I could not resist tossing in the remote control.  I had a ball pulling it all together for something simple and thoughtful for my brother.


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