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Lindsay is 30 - LET'S PIG OUT (50 photos)


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For my 30th birthday party I wanted to create a gluttonous food fest with no rules,

boundaries or judgement. In today's culture I think we are all food

obsessed whether it be cooking, food photography at top notch
restaurants, or the extreme opposite of healthy green living/paleo
life. I am all of that wrapped into one and I felt my milestone 30th
birthday should exemplify that.
The party was a take on a trend that is starting to pick up called
"bar parties." An entire world of "create your own" or "have it your
way." It consisted of four major "bars" (and a dessert bar) which
happen to be some of my favourite things. There was a butter bar,
bacon bar, green bar, potato bar, and for dessert a "sweet n salty"
create your own popcorn & doughnut station.
At these bars, you would find many varieties of the main ingredient.
The butter bar had 12 varieties of flavoured butters and an array of
items to top it with (filet mignon, piping hot pancakes, artisanal
breads, croissants etc...). The bacon bar had 5 different varieties of
local butcher's cut bacon and items you would typically pair well with
bacon like dates. The potato bar had six different kinds of potatoes
and all accoutrement to top them with (even modern glass samovars
filled with gravy and cheese sauce!), and the green bar had only green
veggies in a garden with the same samovars filled with fresh cold
pressed green juice and shot glasses filled with the same juice.
Each bar was decorated with handmade DIY signs out of scrap wood
bought at Home Depot and a can of white paint. The signs read cute
witty expressions like "Don't go BACON my heart" or "you're my BUTTER half." 

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