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Dino ROAR Party (33 photos)


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I'm so excited to
share my son's birthday party! This year, my son decided he wanted a
Dinosaur birthday party. I was perfectly fine with that idea, since I
had some ideas of what I wanted to do for this theme.

We went with a more classic look for our party suite and used colored
silhouettes for all of our dinosaurs. From the moment you came to the
door from the moment you left you knew you were at a Dinosaur party!
We greeted our guests with a fun full color photo of the backdrop from
the dessert table and took it from there.

Brandy, of Perfect Moment Photography, captured the party as well as
all the party elements perfectly!

The party theme was set with our T-Rex Dinosaur invitations.

The volcano cake was a huge hit with both the kids and parents.
Shelley, of Margie Lou's Sweets did a fabulous job as always. The
skeleton cookies she designed also went rather quickly. We placed the
cake on a clear glass cake stand so everyone could see the colors run
down the side as it "erupted". We love the expressions Brandy of
Perfect Moment Photography, captured when the volcano was about to

We incorporated the colors of orange, lime and grey throughout the
entire party.

We added dinosaurs to the dessert table to make them look like they
were "walking" among all the goodies and to provide that extra
element. We used a wooden box to hold all the "fossil-corn" AKA
popcorn and placed a large leaf on top. All of our serving dishes were
white so it all looked uniform and did not take from the other colors
of the party. We added a rather large black and white photo for the
backdrop, again we wanted it to blend in and not take away. We had
Dino nests which held mini dinosaur sour eggs and rocks which were
Bronto Bites! The larger Dino Eggs were different flavored gum balls.
Each of the food items were marked with a food label from our new
Dinosaur ROAR party suite. Another one of our labels was the water
bottle labels stating "Pre-Historic Water".

Moving on to the party favor table were the specially designed
personalized Marshmallow Pops by our sweet friend Alejandra Morin of
The Marshmallow Studio. We loved how these turned out and they are
just as yummy as they are cute!! We gift wrapped different size boxes
to give some height for the smaller table. We used lime and orange
paper bags we purchased from Michael's and added a favor tag from our
new Dinosaur ROAR party suite. Inside each bag contained a Dinosaur
skeleton cookie, a toy dinosaur and a dinosaur information card so the
kids could learn about the dinosaur they received in their bag.

After the kids ate and before cake we had a Frozen Dino Dig. We froze
mini dinosaurs in plastic cups overnight and once the party was
started we removed the cups and only had ice. Each guest received a
tin bowl with their frozen dinosaur to be excavated with spray bottles
containing warm water and hard bristled toothbrushes to "scrape off"
the ice. OK, the kids got tired, so my hubby came to the rescue with a
hammer and chisel. The kids were so happy once they finally "dug" out
their dinosaurs. Thank goodness it was beautiful outside, otherwise my
house would have been soaked!!

You can find our entire Dinosaur ROAR party suite in our shop! Follow
us on Pinterest and Instagram for more party inspiration and ideas!

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