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Landon's First Birthday (30 photos)


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      Landon's first birthday was an event that we wanted to capture for our closest friends and family.  We wanted to put together a fun and colorful event that utilized a lot of diy concepts.  My wife and I decided on Sesame Street for the theme because our son was hooked to the TV show when he was just a few months.  The theme song would play every morning and he would stop what he was doing to look at the TV and be taken away by the bright colors, playful and interactive characters.  We wanted to make sure that turning one was an exciting event like every morning filled with fun colors, delicious food, and great company. 

      We wanted to let our guests know where the party was by utilizing the iconic Sesame Street Lampost.  In our version, we made "Landon Street" out of PVC pipes, a stair case newel, and some wood found at Home Depot.  It's difficult enough to cut wood, but to cut curves in them using a straight handsaw can be a little difficult. 

      As the guests enter the party, they are greeted with a photobooth where guests take a photo, write a message for Landon, and put their polaroid photo in an album for him to see later.  Guests can then enjoy a bite from local Italian restaurant, Carmines, in Arcadia CA.  As the guests sit down at their tables, they are accompanied by Sesame Street inspired centerpieces. 

     When guests make their way to the patio area, they can simply look up to admire the balloon filled ceiling.  The ceiling of balloons took the most time in preparation because it included over 350 balloons that were manually pumped and held on by tape.  As we all know, there is a huge shortage on helium and the costs to fill up that many balloons would be outrageous.  The patio also housed the main table, appetizer table, and the party favor table. 

     The main table housed the cake made by Eleana Perez.  You can find her on instagram @ elemakescakes.  She did an amazing job by capturing my wife's imagination on her design.  Candy apples, cake pops, cup cakes, cookies, and lollipops filled the main table.  The backdrop was made by 1 inch PVC pipes and twin bedsheets were used to give the sheer effect.  My wife hand made the cutouts for his birthday banner using construction and pattern paper. 

     Hooper's store was made by 3/4 inch PVC pipes as well along with fabric that we sewed to get the red and yellow pattern.  In each goody bag, my wife included candles, elmos crayons because he loves them so much, snacks (goldfishes and rice krispies treats), and some fish food for the goldfishes.  In addition to the goody bag, we gave away a real goldfish as a party favor.  The kids loved it and started claiming their bowls before the party was over.  As the guests enjoyed their stay, they can take a sip out of a refreshing bottle of Landon Street water.

     The majority of the items were made by us because we felt like the designs and available decor was not to our liking.  We enjoyed putting together the party and hope that our guests were able to see the details and hard work put into it.  My son Landon will probably wont realize the hard work until a few decades from now but it's a memory I can't wait talking to him about. 


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