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A Game of Thrones Party - Kings Landing (31 photos)


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My first Game of Thrones party was more of a 'Winter is coming' inspried by the heart tree's red leaves and white trunk and as we all know the Starks of Winterfell had one in their godswood.

For this party my inspiration came from Kings Landing and the red keep. I wanted rich colors and lavish food in order to capture the essence of it current inhabitants - The Lannisters of Casterly Rock.

Since King Joffery is a supposed Baratheon of course the stag would be a main feature throughout. My tablescape was suppose to represent the lush gardens within the red keep which throughout the series we get glimpses of servants maintaining the garden.

Details on the table include Baratheon/Lannister banners, Viserys and his golden crown, the iron throne, moss covered candle holders, nuggets of gold spread throughout as well as a few potion bottles filled with contents that have served the Lannister Family well.

This party was set up, inspired by myself :) I love sharing so please feel free to email me with questions - HAPPY CRAFTING!


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