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Splish Splash It's a Mermaid Bash Part 2 (50 photos)


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This year, my daughterrequested a mermaid party so I hit the drawing book and started
gathering inspiration. I always start by determining a color palette and so I came up with soft palette of blues, purples with hints of gold!

I do not have a pool at home (where we held the party) so I decided to make the party a little more formal. I dressed the main tables with aqua table cloths that reminded me of the ocean. With the help of my aunt (who is a florist and lots of patience) the floral arrangements were created. As part of their party favors, little girls got a tutu, tank top, necklace and personalized bow which most of them wore during the party. Boys got swords, eye patches, bandanas and pirate hats.

Nicole really enjoyed her big day and I was so happy with the way our celebration came together. I cannot wait to see what her request will be next year.

Vendor Credits: Styling, Florals, Food, Tutus, Papergoods and Design:

Bows & headbands:


Chiffon Letters:



Swords, Pirate hats & bandanas:




Cake Pops, chocolate covered oreos & pretzel rods:

Blue Star Marshmallows:


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