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My Chanel Paris Black and White Birthday Dinner (25 photos)


everything was baked, coordinated and styled by ME except my birthday cake.

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I recently turned 36 and decided to do a Chanel Paris black and white dinner party that represented my style and taste. The highlight for the party was the dessert table which I coordinated, baked and styled everything apart from my birthday cake...(which i could make) but with two little boys under the age of 5 running around and taking up my energy, I decided to outsource that part.


Styling events and parties both for adults and kids are my forte especially the candy/dessert table. I am in my element when I plan a party and see it through to completion. I always love, love the outcome.

I made a list of desserts that I wanted to bake and have on the table. I bought all that would be needed and then commence on my pet project. I baked the cookies and cupcakes and then designed them with the Chanel logo toppers, all in coordinating black and white fondant with the quilted Chanel design as base. I mde cookies and cream with vanilla milkshakes and oreo cookies and served them in mini shot glasses. I had mini milk chocolates laid out in square white serving platters.

The icing on the cake was my vision for my birthday cake which was a black and white chanel logo square fondant cake which was made by cakesuite, westport, CT. It had a lovely message to me on it as well.

There is no Paris themed party without the Eiffel Tower. I had black Eiffel Tower tea candle holders as an added decor to the table as well as Eiffel Tower Confetti scattered all over the table cloth and more.,,,BEAUTIFUL.

Everything was beyond my imagination. I give myself a pat on the back for a good job well done.

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Christy Tejuoso
Stamford, CT
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