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{Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon} Inspired Birthday (29 photos)


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    My soon to be 7 yrold is obsessed with Luigi's Mansion. I will definitely use a lot of your ideas! Where did you get the photo backdrop? Did you have it printed? Thank you!

    • November 3, 2014 at 8:44AM
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I designed this party for my son Diego’s 7th birthday. He had been playing Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon every time his dad would take him to Gamestop but he didn’t own a DS or the game. He got both for his birthday. He was so in love with the video game (or the little he had been able to play) that he wanted his party with this theme. It was a tall order for me. I decided to decorate the house as a friendly haunted house with only the ghosts in the video game (boos, greenies and other) and include games where the little guests could hunt for ghosts.

As the kids entered the fog-filled backyard, they were told the story and details of the game and handed a flashlight to begin the adventure. They needed to find the pieces of the broken dark (purple) moon and put the pieces together like a puzzle to restore the moon and bring peace to the mansion. They also had to find glow-in-the-dark ghost eggs to trade them for gold coins. Other games included “pin the jewel on Boo’s crown,” “pass the boo (balloon),” and break the king Boo piñata.

New York style pizza
Toad cupcakes
Boo cake pops
Haunted mansion chocolate suckers
Luigi, moon & #7 cookies
Chocolate mustaches

Design, printables, sweets and décor by iCandy Parties


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