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Bowling. Brews. Babies. A Celebration into Parenthood (49 photos)


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Party Details (for DIY or Project Description): As afternoon
celebration for parents-to-be, Charity & Ben with many of their
family and friends at Mahall's 20 Lane Bowling Alley in Lakewood
(Cleveland) Ohio. The couples shower included open bowling to keep
guests engaged and entertained, a few heart felt well-wishes from some
of their stellar parent friends, lots of wonderful food, sweets and
open bar for everyone but Charity! Best part of all? Charity and Ben
decided to open their baby gifts at home and let their guests truly
just enjoy the party; everyone was so thankful.

Vendor Credits: Invites : Designed by Michelle Salopek, a fellow designer and good friend!

Food : Gatherings Kitchen; (Owners Ruth
Kostadinov and Douglas Zimmer are not only fabulous chefs but close
friends of Charity & Ben's)

Mini Cupcakes : were provided by some of Charity's best friends
including Michelle Salopek, Amber Dent and Gretchen Bowman (Gretchen
purchased hers from Main Street Cupcakes;

Decorations : paper chains and paper dots were created by Amber Dent
while the paper fans & diamonds were purchased from . Charity's dad, Kenneth spray painted
the retro bowling trophies for Charity as a dessert table decoration,
Charity found them on ebay! Michelle Salopek found the perfect polka
dot balloons on Oriental Trading Company,

Favors : Candy bags were assembled by Charity's sister Katie and her
best college friend Joanne. All candy ( and boxes was purchased at also in Cleveland, Ohio

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Aster & Olive
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