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Vroom, Vroom. Beep Beep 2nd Birthday (36 photos)


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This party was created for my little man Hudson's second birthday. The party was themed based off of his obsession for trucks using "DIY" creativity with the colors red, blue, and yellow.
Dessert table:
The dessert table (my most favorite masterpiece) encompassed beautiful cloud fabric as the backdrop with white tissue pom-poms resembling clouds including a Happy Birthday banner. Presented in front of that was a three tier cupcake tower that featured Hudson's homemade fondant truck chocolate cake, hand piped sugar cookies, and cupcakes. Surrounding the center cupcake tower included street light cake pops, homemade lollipops, hand dipped white chocolate rice crispy treats, mini doughnuts or should I say spare tires, dirt n worms cups, and colorful candy kabobs. Although, this took time all week prior to the party to produce I immensely enjoyed making all the treats.
Family and small friends had sub sandwiches, vegetables, strawberries, and chips. Drinks included a" fueling station"  that consisted of green antifreeze punch, water bottles, and juice boxes.
The table decorations consisted of blue table cloths with mini rode's topped with a glass M&M vase and Hudson truck sign that I created using my cricut machine. Giant rode 2's, and red/blue/yellow tissue pom-poms hung throughout the ceiling. The Happy Birthday Sign, high chair banner, door sign, and various signs all over the party were also handmade using my cricut machine. Finally, my friend  Janet produced a chalk board sign of things Hudson loves that we placed on the table as you entered the room absolutely adorable. 
The activities for family and small friends included color your own wooden car, drive the mini trucks through the play-doh making tire marks, and the very famous red light/green light game. The favorite activity of them all was the photo booth truck constructed out of OSB board that my husband and I assembled. Lastly, the guests had a variety of props (also handmade using the cricut machine) to choose from while they took their pictures. 
Everyone got to take home delicious treats from the dessert table, and Hudson's small friends took home candy bags, their wooden car they colored, and some play-doh.

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