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Enchanted Forest Party (50 photos)


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I've been in love with
the pink and gold color scheme for a while and knew I wanted to use
this scheme for my daughter's second birthday party. All of my ideas
came together when I took her out for a photoshoot one evening. Seeing
the photos of her running carefree through a wooded field in her
sparkly party dress and princess crown, the idea for an enchanted
forest party was born! I used plenty of gold glitter to make the party
feel magical, along with a touch of pink and lots of wood accents to
create the feeling of being in an enchanted forest. My favorite aspect
of this party was how the wood elements balanced out the pink and gold
elements. We created cake stands from wood slices and small tree
trunks, and strung gold stars from a hanging branch as a centerpiece
for the dessert table. I also loved the little wood place card
holders, which we used to hold labels for all of the food items.

We decided to make the party a brunch, and the star of the show was
definitely the three-tiered pancake cake! Guests were wowed by this
cake, and with a thin layer of buttercream and raspberry filling in
between each pancake, it was just as delicious as it was beautiful!

My daughter loves reading, so in lieu of gifts, we asked each guest to
bring Kate a book to help stock her library. In the invitation, I
included a bookplate featuring an illustration of "Princess Kate" that
guests could fill out with a special message and stick inside the
book. For a fun "guestbook" idea, I ordered a wooden castle set and
asked guests to each sign a block, so we could remember their presence
while playing with the blocks for years to come!

For party favors, we sent all of our little guests home with a sparkly
gold wand, prince or princess crown, and a jar of "enchanted stardust"
(sparkly pink and gold playdoh).

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