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Simple and Sweet: A Frozen Celebration (40 photos)


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My daughter Ella, like most other little girls, is in LOVE with the movie Frozen. We saw it
in theaters 3 times and have watched it online and now on DVD about a
zillion more times. Obsessed is an understatement, lol! She simply had
to have a Frozen birthday party! The cake was the first decision I
made and it was definitely the highlight of the party table with the
shimmering icicles hanging all around it!! The white lights in the
ruffled backdrop and tablecloth added such an element of magic and
really brought the space to life. I like to keep things simple so
shimmering macarons, homemade marshmallow "snowman" pieces, a tray of
snowman parts and carrot "olaf" noses were the only food items in
addition to the cake. We also included an Elsa crown craft with lots
of sparkling jewels along with Frozen flower wands for each guest. The
highlight of the event were some unexpected visitors! Elsa and Anna
came all the way from Arendelle to celebrate with Ella on her special
day!! They had storytime, applied princess tattoos and makeup and we
played Pin the Nose on Olaf. It was truly a magical experience!!


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