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Born in the 80's Birthday Party (35 photos)


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It's the year of the ?big 3-0 for me and others born in I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and host an 80's themed party. I made sure to include some of my favorite items from my childhood, such as: slap bracelets,? vending machine sticky hands in the acorn capsules, troll dolls, caboodle (which served as the utensil holder), assorted candies,? crackets, pogs and much more. I used a lot of pattern inspiration from ?the 80's to make the event pop and tie each area together like the ?bandanas, zebra inlay on the mantel, framed geometric designs, neon?laser effect on cabinets & backsplash at drink station (used paper?tape) and paint splatter backdrops. I had fun decorating with slinkys ?and trying not to get them tangled in a knot in the process. It was also fun to use VHS and cassette tapes ?throughout the design of the party. Overall, it was a RAD evening and?the perfect end to my twenties!

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