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Lost In The Jungle (20 photos)


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Our client came to us saying that she wanted to do a birthday party for both of her kids. Her daughter was in love with Minnie Mouse and her son with Dusty. She also told us that she bought a book for kids about jungle that she really wanted to be part of the theme.
So we did our best to put it all together starting by the invitation.
In which we sent a Minnie and Dusty lost in the jungle pad asking the kids to help them to get to the party with crayons for them to color it.
For the desert table we though about a rescue base with medicine, binoculars, jungle monkeys invading the base and lost of other details.

Party planning and design by crazy for party together with scrapaperbyerica

All the pretty handmade details like the back drop, the invitations, the transfer goody bags, labels, the cake toppers and more were done by Crazy for Party ( and Scrapaperbyerica (

Desert by The Baking Girl (

Photos by Erin Pelling Photography (

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Renata Bueno
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