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I was asked to plan an event for 400 teenagers! The budget was tiny and the expectations was huge. The kids chose an enchanted forest theme and I was thrilled to execute their idea into my vision. We used cut trees to line the room along with old windows hanging for layer and texture. The ceiling was strung with lights and we dropped the 25 ft ceiling to 10 feet using wire and weed blocker fabric to give the affect of a stary night sky. Our tables were covered in simple white linens as well as our chairs. The table centerpieces were place on a slice of wood and circled by 3 log candle sticks (all of which were DIY by my husband). The centerpieces were half tall glass vases filled with rocks and moss and then overflowing with curly willow. The other half of the centerpieces were shorter glass vases made into simple terreriums. One of the best freatures can't be captured in photos and was the sound of birds chirping over the speaker sytem. The room was completeyly tranformed and really felt like an enchanted forest.

The registration area which was in the lobby was lined with cut trees as well. We had an incredible backdrop built around two vintage doors with a charming roof covered in ivy. We had live plants everywhere. My favorite feature in the lobby was the huge wreath covered in greens hanging from the light.

We also had to decorate a waiting room for the kids to wait until there was room for them to be seated. We had room for 60 in the waiting room. We covered our table with butcher paper and let the teens color with crayons and colored pencils. Your never to old to color! In this room we brought in more old window and doors as well as a prop fireplace.

We had lots of fun creating such an awesome experience for these amazing teenagers!

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