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Crewfish Boil (10 photos)


It was a blast to have our own soft serve machine at the party!

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We had our first crawfish boil the year after Hurricane Katrina, and it was a
fundraiser we threw as way used to do our part and help rebuilding a
city where I used to live, and will hopefully someday again call
"home". This year was our 10th annual crawfish boil so we knew we had
to go big. We ordered 40 lbs of crawfish, invited all our coworkers
and friends, and rented a big pavilion with lots of space for kids to
run around and play games. We had an amazing soft serve machine there,
and I will never have another party without one, the kids loved it! Of
course I can't have a party without an ice cream bar. And the adults
liked it too because it was a great way to cool down our mouths after
eating spicy corn, potatoes and crawfish!

Once you have a theme party for 10 years you really collect some great
accessories; I love wearing my crawfish ring, and raising our crawfish
flag. They're things our friends look forward to seeing every year.
This year we decided to commemorate the 10th anniversary with cups
which our guests used at the party, then brought home. Spring is such
a great time to be outside and we love having this party every year
and seeing our friends and watching their kids grow up... and the kids
love the crawfish!


Wooden utensils, ice cream cups and scoops: Sucre Shop

self serve machine: Custard's 1st Stand

crawfish: Louisiana Crawfish Company

idea for crawfish cookies: Living Locurto blog

Sucre Shop
St. Louis, MO
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